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How to enroll a client in a program 📹

The Program Enrollment form determines which programs can be selected during the creation of service records. When creating a service record, a program will only be available for selection if the service recipient is enrolled in that program.
Step 1: To get started on enrolling a client into a program, you need to first select the client you intend to enroll by searching for them using the Clients Form. For steps on how to search for a client, see How to search for an existing client.
Step 2: Once you have selected the client you would like to enroll in a program, click on the “Program Enrollment” tab on the left..
Step 3: The Program Enrollment window will then open which contains a table with the following:
  1. Your agency's programs
  2. The members of the client's family file
  3. Columns to select the primary and secondary counsellors who will facilitate the program for the client (optional)
Step 4: To update the enrollment of the clients, click “Update” on the dark blue bar at the top.

Step 5: Select the status of enrollment in each program for each family member.

  1. Click on the dropdown list on the column of the family member to enroll and on the row of the program they are to be enrolled in.
  1. Select the status of the client in the program from the list. In this case, you would select “Ongoing”.
  1. Repeat for all family members that you would like to enroll in each of the available programs, as required.
  1. If required, select the primary and secondary counsellors from the available list of all counsellors in your agency, for each member in the program they are enrolled in.
Step 6: Once the program enrollment is complete, click the “Save” button at the bottom center of the form to save the changes.

Video Guide - How to enroll a client in a program 📹

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